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4-square Buck

Greetings and salutations from Gary R. Peterson - artist, author, musician, and intellectual handyman here at The Peterson Institute of Arts & Sciences Research Laboratory and Gift Shop.

You can click on the Pen & Ink Art gallery link to see the DIA Dozen, my line interpretations of some familiar masterpieces from The Detroit Institute of Arts, or tap the following link, Sunday Afternoon, to see a limited edition screenprint of my take on Georges Seurat's famous waterside circus on Grande Jatte Island (Art Institute of Chicago).

Please listen to some samples of my original musical compositions like the acoustic guitar solo called Picture Window Rag or maybe my instrumental take on some familiar old pop-tunes like, say, Happy Together (remember The Turtles?) Both of these tunes are found on my brand new music CD of guitar arrangements entitled Amber Burst available in the Music Department.

For your edutainment, read my blogs and essays linked to these pages. And did I mention my writing service? Let me do some critical thinking on most any topic of your choice, and of course you can always email me with questions about my art, music, and literature (or my inventions: The BLOX or the Fine-Tune Belt Buckle). You can buy drawings and other goods like my latest book, The Intellectual Handyman On Art. It's about as smart as a book can get.

The new picture at the bottom is called Buck. He's got attitude, looking all mystical and tattooey, hanging fire while his little pals rollick in the back yard. Learn more about this acrylic painting by clicking the link to More Art Gallery.

Enjoy Gary Peterson Art: Your brain will thank you.

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