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A list of
songs with hand-clapping in them.


Limited Edition: The BLOXTM


This percussion device is a sound box struck by four hardwood blocks on a swing bar. Attach The BLOX to any existing hi-hat stand (in place of the cymbals). Using the foot pedal, you can create a loud, bright sound like people clapping hands or wood blocks. Try some drum stickwork on the open end of the box for other unique sounds as well.

The stationary box is about 12" square and 1-1/2" deep. The clapper assembly is about 8" X 9" X 3/4" thick when closed as shown (right). A standard hi-hat stand with clutch fastener is required but not included.

Click this link with any questions:

This limited edition item is now available and includes the improved locking system shown at the bottom of the page.

Acoustic clapping sound device
12" X 12" X 4" (overall)
$12.00 shipping in U.S.

Sorry - SOLD OUT

NOTE: If you don't see a VIDEO directly above this sentence, then tell your
browser to allow pop-ups or else click this link to see The BLOX Video.

bloxmic_dtx.jpg The BLOX now comes standard with this improved locking-balance system for the best staggered effect of the tone-blocks as they strike the sound box on every "clap."

The sound box is made of 3/8” (9mm) project-grade 7-ply birch with poplar blocking on three edges. In other words, it will take all the abuse that a drummer can dish out. The top and bottom plates have a natural resonance frequency of the musical tone E, while the air cavity hums at C# (C-sharp). The tone blocks (which have a specific gravity of .42 – not that you care, but that’s how into it I am) are tuned to Bb (B-flat). This attunes The BLOX to an underlying minor 6th chord. Sweet! Of course, across the entire striking surface, the sound is ultimately atonal giving The BLOX its uniquely percussive clapping tone – loud enough for stage work yet articulate enough for the recording studio.

Just think of all your favorite songs that have clapping in them (see list above left). So, why hire four hand-clappers at union wages for a sound that your drummer could provide with his left foot? Get The BLOX!


NOTE: If you don't see a VIDEO directly above this sentence, then tell your
browser to allow pop-ups or else click this link to see The Strumstick Video.

The BLOXTM shown attached to a standard hi-hat stand in the "open" position.

Hi-hat stand and clutch fastener NOT INCLUDED with The BLOXTM

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